Brad's YouTube List (A List About YouTube By Brad)

Gumball Account Manager, Brad Hild reveals his favorite YouTube creators and videos.

mockup of a simplified youtube interface with a photo of brad and his favorite channels as video thumbnails
Brad shares his top YouTube channels from from Childish Deano to Pay Pigs.

Gumball has taken major strides this year to increase its YouTube offerings, from simulcast selling to refining a standardized video ad unit to support all types of YouTube creators. The team is passionate about building out these tools to help deliver a better ad experience for creators and their viewers.

This month, we talked to one such viewer—our resident YouTube connoisseur, Brad Hild—about his favorite channels. Brad is a Canadian-Oklahoman Gumball Account Manager based in Portland, Oregon. He has been with Gumball since May of 2022, previously working as a sales rep and climbing guide in the outdoor industry.

Brad consumes "more YouTube than your nephew’s iPad" and has been on the platform since the beginning. From “Tillman the Skateboarding Bulldog” to Colleen Ballinger doing an apology video about serious accusations with a ukulele song—he's seen it all! Here’s a list of some of Brad's favorite creators that YouTube has to offer today.

  1. James Chepeskie

Brad's Favorite:

It’s rare to find a creator who is as genuine and wholly himself as James. Creating original music videos and short films with friends from a small town in Canada has gained James a large following on TikTok. He was the subject of popular YouTuber Kurtis Conner’s recent #1 Trending video: TikTok’s Most Unlikely Superstar. It’s Whimsical. It’s unique. It’s J-Music Records.

2. Childish Deano

Brad's Favorite:

“An 8yo pistol with a heart of gold and the voice of a grown man”. Childish Deano is an animated web series from Australian comedian/podcaster Dean Thomas and writer/director David Ferrier. It’s a lighthearted and hilarious series that is criminally underrated.

If you take one thing away from this article, let it be this: GO WATCH DEANO!

3. Eddy Burback

Brad's Favorite:

Eddy has been making YouTube commentary videos for around seven years. In the last year, his content has shifted from your standard YouTube commentary into larger-scale creative projects. Traveling to every remaining Rainforest Cafe location in North America and diving into influencer Ghost-Kitchen restaurants are just a couple of out-of-the-box concepts that have amassed millions of views on Eddy’s channel.

I saw Eddie in a commentary YouTuber panel at this year’s VidCon, and as a fan since the beginning, it was so cool to see him up there with the best and most influential creators in the space today!

4. NardwuarServiette

Brad's Favorite:

Internet icon and Canadian hero, Nardwuar the Human Serviette has been interviewing musicians on YouTube for 16 years and is still just as lovable and charismatic as ever. He’ll surprise guests like Tyler the Creator, Snoop Dogg, and Kendrick Lamar with gifts and facts about their lives that often leave them bewildered and amazed. Nardwuar’s trademark outfit and unique interview style have made him a staple of YouTube and music culture.

Doot Doola Doot Doo!


Brad's Favorite:

Hosted by Riley Savage and Graydon Weaver, HIVEMIND is a music-based channel where the hosts, with their producer DJ Grant, do bits and play games. Tier lists, guessing rappers from cartoon puns, guessing song titles from 1/10th of a second of audio - how can you go wrong?

Click here to learn more about advertising on HIVEMIND.

6. Pay Pigs with Ben & Emil

Brad's Favorite:

A finance podcast that isn’t always about finance; The Former hosts of Trillionaire Mindset, Ben & Emil, are hilarious, informative, and always a great time. Get them to 50k subscribers, and they might kiss again!

7. Mythical Kitchen

Brad's Favorite:

Cooking content from the Good Mythical Morning Studios! The gem of this channel is the Last Meal series - where Chef Josh has his guest walk through what they would eat if it were their final day on earth. Think Hot Ones, but substitute hot sauce with delicious food and conversations about mortality and death!

8. JxmyHighroller

Brad's Favorite:

If you love niche statistics and basketball, then oh boy, do I have the channel for you? This channel covers topical NBA news, championship predictions, and settling online arguments all through the lens of statistics and data.