The 2023 Gumball Gift Guide

Check out the Gumball staff's gift recommendations inspired by just a few of the brands our creators have worked with this year.

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Try saying that 3 times fast!

Embrace the spirit of thoughtful giving with our first annual Gumball Gift Guide! Our team has meticulously selected gifts from the brands Gumball creators have collaborated with throughout the year, ensuring a range of unique and thoughtful options.

We know finding the perfect gift can be challenging. We've got something for everyone on your list, from travel essentials to D&D figurines. So enjoy the magic of giving with these 10 recommendations.


“Béis is the perfect place to find a gift for the jetsetter in your life. They put so many handy compartments in their luggage and bags that their products are not only chic but also super useful. They've really thought of everything! While I personally love their entire sport line and have been eyeing the beige sport duffle and backpack for quite some time, their smaller travel accessories like luggage tags and passport holders could make great stocking stuffers, too.”

Alex Berkman, Senior Creator Partnerships Manager at Gumball


"There's no greater gift than a website. And there's no greater way to create a website than by using Squarespace. Give the gift that can be texted instead of gift wrapped. Enjoyed without taking up any physical space. And seem like you dropped a full G on it, all while keeping it very affordable/professional. Thank you Squarespace!"

Amir Blumenfeld, CCO & Co-founder of Headgum

Hero Forge

"Are you looking for a gift for the Half-Orc Barbarian in your life? Are you a D&D player looking to express your gratitude to your hard-working Dungeon Master? Hero Forge is the perfect solution for you!

I made a batch of custom hero minis for my D&D group a few years ago at the end of a multi-year campaign. It was a sentimental way for them to remember the characters that they played and all of the exciting adventures we went on together. Plus, Hero Forge is always adding new customization options!"

Brad Hild, Account Manager at Gumball


“If you’re on the lookout for a cool and educational gift for the little ones, KiwiCo is the way to go. Personally, I’m eyeing the Koala crate for my niece. It’s got a mix of fun and educational stuff like collage projects and tie-dye. Plus, there are cool stories and comics thrown in. It’s not just a gift; it’s a chance to do something fun together and create some awesome bonding moments. Totally beats the usual gift-giving routine.”

Saige Gipson, Marketing Intern


“For a minimalist and functional person like me, SKIMS is a great option for gifts during the holidays! Trust me, these are things you'll want to wear all the time. Whether it's their super comfy undies or the quintessential black tank top, you simply can't go wrong with SKIMS. Last Christmas, I gifted my sister the cozy, fuzzy pink sweater along with some delightful cookies from our local bakery - it was an absolute hit! This year, I've got my eyes on their elegant long slip dress for the holiday parties, and I'm secretly hoping to find their comfy PJs under the Christmas tree!”

Narisa Ladak, Director of Creator Partnerships at Gumball

Crap Eyewear

“I had been seeing Crap Eyewear all over the internet this year and finally decided to pull the trigger once I heard their spot on Gayotic with MUNA. I had never spent more than $15 on a pair of sunglasses before and now I’m a changed man!

I wear my Heavy Tropix even on cloudy days because I love the look. They have fantastic deals all the time, I definitely recommend picking up a pair for someone you love at - mention GAYOTIC in the post purchase survey for a chance to win a free pair of shades!”

Will Conover, Account Manager at Gumball


"My absolute favorite part of gift giving every year is buying my girlfriends all the cute little stuff to treat themselves with - the kinds of things that they don’t think to buy for themselves. Kitsch has all of that: satin pillowcases, those heatless hair curlers that are all over TikTok, those face rollers that are also all over Tiktok, and all kinds of solid shampoo bars and conditioners that even come with their own perfect mesh fabric bags. It’s all the stuff that makes up a perfect holiday care package - small, delightful, and affordably luxe."

Anya Kanevskaya, Producer and Studio Manager at Headgum

Thrive Causemetics 

"The best feeling is taking a gamble on new makeup products and absolutely loving them! I started using Thrive Causemetics Liquid Lash Extensions mascara and was shocked with the results. This year I am ditching the gift cards to makeup brands and I am shopping on Thrive Causemetics for my best friends. The Liquid Lash Extensions mascara is a game changer, but I am also looking into gifting the Brilliant Eye Brightener for the perfect eye makeup combination. Thrive Causemetics has the best products for your best friends!"

Erica Genson, Ad Ops and Client Services Manager at Gumball


"If you are looking to buy a gift for someone who loves to learn new skills or likes to work on their craft, check out Masterclass. I've watched a number of masterclass lessons from some of my favorite filmmakers and I have learned a ton! They've got lessons in categories that may surprise you from experts in the field. Great stuff!"

Casey Donahue, Video Producer at Headgum


"For the athletes, frequent flyers, or 'beverage girlies' in your life (I fall in the latter camp), give the gift of HYDRATION. Plain water is great, but water you can turn into a citrusy electrolyte drink is also great. I've gotten multiple friends hooked on LMNT and a 30 pack of their favorite flavor would be the perfect gift! And for the people who haven't found their perfect packet of LMNT (mine was Lemon Habenero, R.I.P.), a variety pack would make a great stocking stuffer."

Marika Brownlee, Director of Marketing